The Newsroom (Yes You)

Today I wrote a story
It’s one that I can’t share
But I want to tell you that I wrote it
So that you are aware

I tried to figure things out
Previously largely unsuccessful
Thinking if I found some truth
My heart’s beat would be more restful

The conclusions that I came to
Were so extreme I do not know
If it were the reality
How you could live your life so

I want you to know that I am sorry
I want you to know that you are brave
If I ever do see you again
To hug you I would crave

But not for my own selfish reasons
Though those would be nice too
But because I want to show that it’s okay
I’ll be your friend, I’ll stand by you

If I do know what is happening
With you and your life
I can’t imagine living with those secrets
You must be filled with strife

And I write this not to publish it
As to others it has no sense
But to let you know if you read it
I’d like real friendship to commence

I know that it sounds crazy but
When I met you I really cared
Maybe the world brought us together
So that your struggle could be shared

I think you tried to tell me
Once or twice or a few times
But I was a bit too dense
To allow it to enter my mind

I think that maybe you, like me
Use writing as your outlet
I admire what you are doing
And if you would allow me to try it

I’d love to be the best friend
That you have ever had
I’m sorry if my previous actions
Ever made you mad or sad

The situation that you are in must be so hard
But you are strong and courageous and you are good
There is absolutely nothing wrong with you
I hope you can be free as you should

I’m sorry if you feel trapped
I’m sorry if you feel scared
I’m sorry if you can’t tell the world
I’m sorry if it can’t be bared

You are the reason I started to write
I think now that is clear
I want you to know I am writing this to you
And that I am sincere

If you do read this soon or far
I’d love for you to tell me
I just want to be the right friend
Open to the possibility

But if you do not want to
I completely understand
I will be here if you ever need
Always willing to give a hand

Have a very happy birthday
Have a very happy christmas
Have a wonderful new year
And all the best of wishes

– DandyLion


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