Sympathy for the Skin

I am strolling through my life
As you go along in yours
Trying to meet in the middle
Has proven nothing but a chore

A joint effort
To me seems clear
But never near

Somehow someway
When things go right
They end up wrong
Eternal plight

Every coincidence
And every event
Is met with difficulty
Internal torment

You’d never believe
The true case at hand
When to me you communicate
I can’t help but crash land

I swear I promise
I would have responded
Had I seen it sooner
Result: Despondent

If fate just likes
To tempt me such
Can’t we encounter
In person; too much?

I’ll tell you when I’ll tell you where
To meet with me sometime
If I were ever brave enough
How fun if you were mine

– DandyLion


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