Among other phenomenons
Is one of the most out of body experiences
You have no control
Things happen to you
You are a passive observer
Not an active player

Multiple coincidences are extremely strange
Off putting
Why do odd things happen
Followed by more anomalies
And more further still?

I don’t know if I believe in fate
Or even in free will
It is impossible to deduce
Especially when
If I attempt to make active decisions
Nothing I want succeeds
And when I go about my own business
Doing nothing of importance
Everything falls into place

By curiously still
When things fall into line
And I go to pick them up
The path skews
In a direction I cannot follow

I am a heated soup that isn’t drunk
I am being tested stringently by the universe
(Or some other pulsating force)
In a way that I can’t seem to pass
It is a slow torture I cannot escape

Someone take the wheel of my existence
My life is not my own

– DandyLion


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