Forward March

I was sad for a long time
And confused
Which is weird because I’m always happy
I hadn’t been sad in a long, long time
(The confusion is normal)
But for different reasons
I had never
Not gotten what I wanted before
Not in this sense
And even though that sounds ridiculous and unlikely
It is completely true
By some dumb stroke of luck
I never failed myself
Until I met you

This isn’t about that
Because I just came to a realization
An epiphany
A catharsis if you will
And it is really strange for me to admit because
Every time I see you
Every time I talk to you
I find something else I like about you
It’s almost annoying
Quite frankly
You’re so good
Too good
Or something
I don’t mind it at all in actuality
I was just flustered why I couldn’t take part
I’m good too

Walking home
I realized
As much as I like you
And I really do
I don’t want to be with someone
Who doesn’t want to treat me like gold
Who doesn’t “see the sun shine out my ass”
If you can’t see that
You must be blind

But this isn’t a criticism
It’s a release
I’m letting go
I can’t care this much anymore
I care too much
Everyone tells me that
So maybe for a short time
I’ll regress into an
I’ll always care
Maybe about you
But I care about me more
Right now
And I want to be free
So I am letting myself go

It was wonderful to meet you
And I want to thank you
More than you know
More than you will probably ever know at this rate
Because somehow in some ass backwards way
You are allowing me
To experience me
And that solitude
Is a true gift
So thank you
So long
See you
When I do

– DandyLion

Today: two songs, as neither is more appropriate moreso than the other.


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