Triangles are rather strange shapes
Unnatural, if you will
– Although I find all geometric forms to be unusual –

Statistically speaking
(Although mathematics are another neurotic human innovation)
Most triangles are unbalanced
The three sides distinct
Each one longer or shorter than its adjacent
Marginalizing each alliance in either direction

If you remove one point from the triangle
The triangle regresses to a line
As removing the one point would force the two subsequent sides to disappear
The relationships between them would dissolve permanently
And only the original connection would remain

I would like to officially resign from my point in my triangle
I have grown weary from the haranguing
And I would prefer to allow the line that previously was to continue on
As though I never existed
It’s better for us all

– DandyLion

Inspired by a quotation from Douglas Adams: “I reckoned that if the world wanted me badly enough it would call back.” – Life, the Universe and Everything


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