Wish Bracelet

Yesterday I went on a long long walk.
Yesterday I lost a wish bracelet I made years and years ago.
The idea is you make a wish when you tie it on your wrist,
A wish that is specifically assigned to the bracelet,
And when it falls off your wish will come true.

Well what happens with this bracelet is:
I made it so long ago, it had fallen off before.
But I noticed when it fell and so I kept it in the pocket of my favorite blue jean shorts I always wear so that my wish would always be with me.
I’m starting to realize that I don’t think that’s how the wish comes about realizing itself;
You’re supposed to lose the bracelet but I didn’t lose it the first time and I kept it with me.

So when I rediscovered that my wrists were still the same infinitely small thickness they have always been, I tied the bracelet anew around my bones.
The bracelet was always just slightly too small and when vigorously adjusted would loosen itself as it was made of colored cotton string.
This was a particularly pretty bracelet, by the way.
And well apparently a lot of vigorous readjustment had occurred.

Yesterday I lost it.
Yesterday I lost the wish bracelet for real.
I’m not sure what wish I made all those years ago,
But here’s to hoping it comes true.

– DandyLion


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