An Unpunctuated Short Story

Last night I dreamt of you which is so weird because you’re everything I’m trying to forget and I haven’t seen you in weeks anyways

I was at your house I don’t know why and I was there with friends but clearly it wasn’t your real house as I’ve never been there it was more like Ron’s house from Harry Potter everything was magical

We were in the living room downstairs but you weren’t there I think your room was right above but also below the spiral staircase was really misleading I’m starting to remember I think I was an exchange student staying with you

And I liked you and you knew it but you ignored me (just like real life)

And then for whatever reason one night all my laundry was in your room in a tiny basket next to your bed right up next to the head-side that worked like Mary Poppins’ purse and for whatever reason I wasn’t wearing anything but a dark blue J Crew tank top no bra no panties nothing else but I might have been wrapped in one of your blankets I don’t know I don’t remember being naked before I entered your room it seemed that as I came in I became more nude and transparent but clearly I needed my clothes so I came up to your room with the intention of retrieving them but also with the intent to flirt with you a little and see you and you were on your computer and you were facing away from the door in your spinning desk chair and I came in kind of crawlingly as I was mostly naked and I said “hey” in what I hoped to be a sultry and sexy voice and you turned around slowly but not too slowly right at the perfect pace and you had that lovely slightly crooked half smile on your face covering your perfect teeth and you said “hey” and we started talking while I was kneeling all the way down covering myself on your bed and you told me you had a chemistry test for chem 34 tomorrow and I told you I’d taken chem and I could help you if you wanted and you were intrigued because I’m younger than you and you should be the one helping me but you were delighted by my offer and you were excited for my assistance and then we were smiling and talking and shyly flirting a little more when I realized I should get going and recalled why I had come up in the first place even though you couldn’t tell I was naked and so I started to discreetly gather my things during our conversation and I placed them right in front of where they should go anyway to cover myself more than I was already covered but of course you noticed and so I timidly but attemptingly firmly said “hey you wouldn’t mind closing your eyes or turning around for a moment I kind of would love to put my pants on” and you blushed but you turned away and I don’t think you even attempted to glance at my reflection in your now black computer screen but maybe you did and surely my panties were on the red lace and pink and purple floral pair from Calvin Klein that you’ve never seen in real life as you never asked me out and then I started going downstairs but I couldn’t because you were too tempting to leave and suddenly your room was a mess and I obviously had to attempt to rearrange the chaos I wished I had created but it was probably just a result of the magic as all we had done was talk anyway and the more we cleaned your room the more my clothes somehow found their way onto my body now I’m wearing a strapless bandeau bra now I’m wearing white shorts all of which I own in real life too and then I left but you had fallen a bit for me at least in part or more than you had let on because the next time I came up to your room the floor had expanded by three inches and there was more room to walk just a little and your bed was a tiny bit bigger but we sat on the edge of your bed and talked though our feet didn’t dangle because you had no bed frame just the slightly bigger than twin size mattress which never made any sense to begin with since you’re so tall the exact perfect height I wanted someone to be for me and then the next time I saw you we were in the kitchen but also outside and your whole family was there but everyone was in a slightly bad humor and we were happy or wanted to be anyways and there was something about a lot of really delectable mashed potatoes that I don’t quite remember and then we were walking away from the festivities and you put your big hand around my tiny bony waist and I looked up at you and you looked down on me and neither of us were smiling but neither of us were frowning either it was so sweet like we just knew and we were then in your room and the floor and the bed started expanding right in front of my eyes sliding away to the right over the rest of the house but still attached just growing and you looked at me and that’s when I knew but you never kissed me still just like real life and that’s when I woke up for the second time because the first had been earlier in the morning but I was still yearning for you and by the second time I just couldn’t take it anymore its so hard to want what you can’t have and harder still when your unconscious mind is reminding you of it because then there’s really, really nothing you can do just like real life

– DandyLion


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