“Ojos que no ven, corazón que no siente”

You know
When you have a wonderful day
And suddenly you are hovering a few centimeters above the ground
And you have a cloudy glow in the peripheral of your vision
And it’s like there’s a little salt in your shoes because you’re practically jumping
Because everything is going right?

You know
When you wake up and you are late
But it doesn’t really matter anyway
Because your boss is just a great guy
Who tweets at you at the crack of dawn to figure out if you’re coming in
And gets excited that you called
Even though you’re over an hour late
And is ecstatic that you’ll be a part of a new team with him
And is sad that he won’t see you for a week?

You know
When on the way to work
You get hit on an absurd amount of times
Which most days is just irritating
But today the sun is out and I am skipping and smiling
And I don’t even mind
And I play along a bit
Maybe a bit more than a bit
Because it’s fun
And completely harmless
And going out for a drink
Or a few
With a few different fellows
Isn’t going to hurt anyone?

You know
When you get to work and get way too many kisses
And you get hugs too
But they’re real hugs
And they look at you and laugh
A good laugh
A happy laugh
And tell you that you should be a model
And that every photo for the company should be of you
And your coworkers want to spend time with you
At work
But outside of work too
Regardless of how pretty you may or may not be
And they want to go to the theatre and go to buy honey and go to concerts and party and party and party
Because they like you
And they want to hug you some more and dance around the office
Because they like you
And they bring you ceviche for breakfast
Because they like you
And they want to gossip about the silly things
Because they like you
And because you make them laugh
Because your smile is so big when it finally comes out
And they think you are just too funny?

You know
When your job is to walk around the city
In the beautiful warm friendly sun
Going into hostels
And making friends with the employees
And going to fairs with your coworkers
Who are more family and friends that coworkers anyways
And after you get back from four hours of galavanting
And laughing to an extent of what should be considered exercise
You go to lunch together
For two hours
And just laugh and enjoy the food and the atmosphere?

You know
When the bill comes
And you accidentally spent way too much money
Because you weren’t paying attention
Or care to ask
Because you were too occupied with life
Real life
And it’s just money anyways?

You know
When you get back to work
And you just have to do “research” for a couple of hours
Which is basically looking at hotels
Which let’s face it
That’s just fun
And you have to make extensive spreadsheets
Which is child’s play
And the whole time you are listening to your new favorite songs
And you are dancing in the chair
And you are singing along
Even though you probably don’t know the words
But it doesn’t matter
Because you are having so much fun
And you the guys come in just to make you smile
More than you were already smiling
And they kiss you every time they see you
Even though the last time was 5 minutes ago anyways
And give you lots of hugs
And ask when the next time you’re coming in
Because one week is just far too long?

You know
When after work
You have class
But your friends won’t let you go
Because you have more fun things to do
You have to run across the street during a red light
And pull out green plastic spoons to go to honey tastings
And make friends with a bee keeper
And you have to laugh?
You can’t skip that.

You know
When you finally show up
Thirty minutes late
To a one hour class
But it doesn’t matter
Because you have a guest speaker
And he’s a musician
And he’s so comfortable with himself
He’s singing and playing along with the music
And he’s not even concerned that maybe he looks ridiculous
Even though he really doesn’t
And there is no stigma to bog him down
And you are so refreshed by his personality
Because it’s so pure
And carefree
And when he asks questions
You get every single question right
And he compliments you
On your knowledge of music
And he isn’t bothered
That you are laying across three desks
And eating honey with that same green plastic spoon
Out of a 1-kilo jar?

You know
When people are nice?

You know
When people are direct with you?

You know
When people have good hearts?

You know
When people are themselves around you?

You know
When people don’t put up a front?

You know
When everyone is comfortable with each other?

You know
When you love
For once
To be around everyone that you are around?

Me too.

– DandyLion


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