Letting Go

They say that when you let go,
And forget about everything,
Everything will work itself out.
Everything will be okay.

It would only seem so easy.

But letting go isn’t simple;
You can’t just stop yourself from thinking.
There’s no off button;
There’s no switching gears.

To let go would require a high level of self-control;
Of concentration;
Of commitment.
It’s not so effortless for everyone.

When you have a big heart;
When you care;
When you love;
When you trust your instincts,
You don’t expect things to go wrong.
You expect things will go right;
You feel things will go right.

It’s hard to let go.
It’s hard to forget.

Even if there is no reason to hold on in the first place.
Even if there was never any reason.
Any reason at all.

Contrarily but simultaneously,
To let go would require a self-allowance to lose control;
To travel with the winds;
To be free.

It seems so lovely.

But sometimes,
It’s easier to stay hurt.
It’s easier to stay sad.
It’s easier to ache.
It’s a familiar place;
We know what will happen.

You wake up dispirited;
You pass the days unexcitedly;
You live in a fog.
The fog sometimes precipitates,
And you cry.
And sometimes you flood.
But flooding is conocido.
It’s repetitive.
And people like to slip into habit.

It’s so difficult
To go to an unknown place.
It’s so difficult
To have no expectations.
It’s so difficult
To draw no conclusions.
It’s so difficult to walk free.

Even if freedom is all that we desire.

It’s easy to hold on.
It’s not easy to let go.

All we can do is intend,
It seems.

1 comment
  1. Aunt Jilla said:

    Your writing amazes me….love you sweet girl.

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