I Am My Own CEO

The red bricks are my red carpet;
The sidewalk is my stage.
I am my own leading lady;
To the world, my long legs me engage.

I walk the streets unaccompanied;
I eat my meals alone.
I am free to do whatever:
The universe, my throne.

Although sometimes lonely,
Better than with bad company.
As every time I find someone,
My heart ends hurt and weary.

I cannot see where I go wrong;
It must be that I’m blind.
But I don’t want to ache anymore;
So maybe solitary, solutions I’ll find.

So let me be selfish;
Allow me to be mean;
Permit me to ignore you;
Maybe one day we’ll convene.

But now must not be the time nor place,
As I don’t know where you are,
No hunch as to what you are doing,
No indications to the future.

I’ll continue sans expectations,
And make myself no conclusions.
For if I continue thinking such,
I don’t think I’ll find the reasons.

If one day, you think of me,
I can’t say I’ll be waiting.
But if your mind is to quickly change,
My confusion will be gladly abating.


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