A Little Poetry

If I had a wishbone,
I wouldn’t know what to wish.
I’d like world peace, no hunger;
We’d be with everyone we miss.
If we are together,
Happy as can be:
What need there be for wishes?
There’d be not one have me.

If I had an hourglass,
I might fancy a turn of time.
I’d like to see the future
And the life that will be mine.
But there is so much in the past
That I’d go back to see.
I’d have me quite a quandary;
In the present, stuck I’d be.

If one day I was asked:
In my life what I’d change,
I would look back pensively
To see what I could tame.
Mistakes here and errors there;
Imperfect as can be.
But not one regret to be found;
In imperfection, perfection lies in me.


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