Once: What is One’s World?

For today’s self-reflective thought piece, I decided to ask myself what it is that comprises someone’s world. That is to say, the word “world” is used colloquially to say the earth or globe as considered a planet or a particular division of said earth, humankind, the general public, and so on and so forth. However, individual persons all have their own “world” – that “space” and “time” and “life” in which they live. I solely aim to begin to uncover the facets that constitute one’s world and by no means consider this to be an exhaustive list; it is open to suggestion and modification as such thought-provoking pieces are meant to be!

Pues, one’s world may be created from the following aspects:

Family, friends, community. Those you love and those who love you.

Your influences. The spheres of influence of your own family, friends, and community including parents, siblings, tios, grandparents, cousins, and so forth. Famous people: actors, musicians, poets, writers of other forms, teachers/professors/mentors, classmates, bosses, coworkers.

Your education; your classes. What do you study? What do you learn. Do you learn? Do you focus your attention or is your head in the clouds?

Your job. Your hobbies, likes, and activities.

Your travels: Where you have been and what you have seen. Where you want to go.

Your dreams, hopes, aspirations, inspirations, passions, and goals.

What you surround yourself with.

Your outlook on life; how do you see the world? Is it full of good? Evil? Are you indifferent? Are you cynical?

What has happened to you in the past? Have you had positive experiences? Holidays, weddings, loves, births? Deaths, financial struggle, sexual exploitation, abuse?

Who is in your government and how is your government organized? Who leads you? What is in your news? Do you read or watch the news? Do you prefer to lose yourself in your own “world”?

Do you have money? Were you born wealthy? Poor? Middle class? Have you experienced financial struggle? Were you afforded the luxuries of the affluent? Do you have nice possessions? Do you have a longing for material things?

Are you greedy or are you liberal? Are you materialistic? Mean? Nice? Loving? Violent? Aggressive? Tender caring giving taking?

What do you look like? Are you beautiful? ‘Ugly’? Mundane? Skinny? Fat? Do you have special features? Are you self conscious? Are you smart? Are you intelligent? — There in lies a distinction.

Have you had access to education?

Were you made fun of as a child?

Are you healthy? Unhealthy? Have you had health issues? Other life-altering health-related experiences?

Have you been exposed to crime or has your life been safe?

Where do you live? City, county, suburbs? Do you normally see flowers and fields and trees? Do you breath clean air or is it polluted? Have you seen the sea? A sunset? A sunrise? How have you grown to see nature? Are you at one with the world? Does dirt make you feel dirty? Have you traveled?

What are your stories? How is your family? How have you learned to be and to exist and to act? What is your general comportment and behavior? How are your thoughts? What do you like and what do you dislike? Do you have more likes or dislikes? In what direction does your soul guide you?

It’s lovely to think how we can change our world just in thinking a little differently, no?



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