Dos: Peppered Lettuce

In my tizzy of a morning rush, I found myself as usual too busy to eat something slightly resembling a semblance of a formulated meal. I had nine minutes to leave my room and was racking my brain trying to figure out what in the world to eat when I noticed the only thing I really had to eat was lettuce.

Luckily, last night we decided to wash and dry and tear all the lettuce to be used for future meals (though my father thinks this is typically unadvisable) and so at least I had lettuce! However, being that there were only nine minutes to go, I didn’t quite have the time to make a proper salad. In trying to avoid the monotony of red-leaf lettuce, I opted into creating something which I am going to call peppered lettuce.

This lovely meal contains more than just pepper and red-lettuce leaves… Though I’m sure you could tangibly use any lettuce. It is a lovely mixture of lettuce, pepper, olive oil, fresh-squeezed lime juice, and a teensy bit of salt (though typically I don’t condone salt usage). And I don’t believe in measurements so there’s no easy way for me to share a recipe without using such anxiety-invoking words as ‘splash’ and ‘dash’ so I will have to leave you to guess.

However, upon my rampant meal-making, I found myself musing about what actually makes a salad, salad. There had to be a threshold which I don’t think I quite crossed with “Peppered Lettuce,” but I’m not exactly sure where that threshold is.

Is a salad a salad because of lettuce? I think not?

Is a salad a salad because of tomatoes? Not quite.

Is a salad a salad because of cucumbers? No.

Avocado? Not yet either?

Onions? Mushrooms? Cranberries? Walnuts? Grapes? Goat cheese?

Is it dressing? It can’t be dressing because I hate dressing and I consider myself a frequenter of salads – I opt into olive oil and fresh citrus juices and pepper.

But somewhere across there, that long list, a salad was formulated and I’m not quite if it is dependent on the amount of vegetables are in the salad or the dressing or the fact that it is typically eaten in a bowl or on a plate with a fork but I don’t know what the constructors are that comprise a salad and for some reason, that affects my balance of world order.

Sincerely, Looking For Answers,

It’s actually a good quick meal by the way!


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